IMPORTANT ************************** chicken available FRESH************************** If you are not receiving your order confirmation email, click the past order tab on website to find all your confirmed orders.*************even Wholefoods is poison. watch this video++++++++++ ********Excited to be offering Organic Pfeiffer Wheat Flour************ 2# bag $5.00************** I will have information sheets at the co-op. You can learn more about this special wheat by visiting *************** PLEASE RETURN CARDBOARD EGG CARTONS
Fresh From the Farm Cooperative

Sheri Giachetto

Providing local, organic, farm-sourced raw dairy, meats, and produce..
We began as a result of the family’s pursuit for high quality food directly from the farmer/producer. We have assembled an array of foods from various local providers which include organic, grass fed beef, pork, pastured chickens, pastured eggs, raw milk, cream, and other raw dairy products. Raw honey and bee pollen is also available as well as organic produce in the summer months, all from local, independent, organic farmers. We provide these foods fresh on a weekly basis (Weds pickup) from a Southwest suburban location, and currently serve many families from all areas of the Chicago metro. We continue to welcome new families to the cooperative and are happy to answer any questions you may have. We continue to search for the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices for our members as well as our own use.

We are a Private - Membership only Cooperative, please e-mail us for further information on joining our Coop!